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Veena Malik - unlikely champion for women's liberties in Pakistan

picked up on this news item in my news aggregator (Google Reader), last night.
This YouTube video clip from Memri TV was very interesting:
This is Veena Malik - the sort of dominatrix hostess in the TV show "Big Boss" - the Indian version of "Big Brother". 
What impressed me about this Pakistani actress was her apparently unrehearsed and highly articulate self defence and then counter-attack on her mullah critic - and the media in general - for the "trial by television" that she saw herself as being subjected to in that televised interview.
Assuming that this was not a carefully-planed publicity stunt, I thought that she really stood up for herself well and showed herself to be  a good spokeswoman for all downtrodden and suppressed Pakistani women. The interview gives us further reminder (if any were needed) of the sorry lot of the millions of women living under the heel of the Fascist jackboot of the religeo-political Islamic regime in Pakistan.
The Indian so-called "reality" TV show referred to is shockingly bad, IMHO - I watched a few clips of it before making a post about it in Dec. 2010 - "How can she slap?" - something unpleasant on Indian TV .
After seeing the clips of that show, I had relegated the "actress" in question to the category of "rubbish" in my mind. However, I am now a fan of hers, after watching her stout defence in this latest clip.
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