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"How can she slap?" - something unpleasant on Indian TV

There is an mp4 of this vid clip which you can download from here and in the event that the YouTube clip (below) becomes unavailable.

He's just slapped her, hard.
It is taken from an Indian TV game show (see picture right) that went badly wrong. The vid clip seems to have gone viral - there are several "response" vids and remixes of it on the Internet. I don't think the remixes are very good, but they might be amusing to some.

What went wrong is described below.


  • The TV game show seems to be in English, and the game show hostess adopts the role of a very aggressive/dominant woman.
  • There are 2 male contestants whose roles are presumably to get pushed around by the game show hostess, but in this vid clip one of them has clearly become uncooperative and breaks out of role.
  • Whilst it might have been a fun and entertaining TV game show at the start (though it looks like it is rubbish to me, but there's no accounting for taste), at this point it ceases to be a respectable or fun show at all.
  • The point when it starts going bad is when the game show hostess shouts at the uncooperative contestant, "Why don't you f#ck off then?".
  • He replies with a confident smile, "You do." (i.e., "Why don't you?"), whereupon the presumably now infuriated game show hostess advances towards him and slaps him hard in the face without any warning.
  • A look of stunned surprise momentarily crosses his face before he slaps her back pretty hard, tit for tat, whereupon a large stagehand rapidly appears from off-set and starts to roughly shove him off stage right, and the contestant is heard saying "How can you slap?" in an Indian accent and then - as more stagehands appear and lay hands on him - his voice can be heard indignantly repeating the phrase "How can she slap?".
    (Because of his strong Indian accent combined with the silly nature of the question, it sounds quite funny.)
  • At this point there is now a group of men surrounding him, and someone (a man) says back to him "How can you slap her?".
  • More men appear - stagehands (sorry, stagethugs) - coming from off-stage, and literally flooding the set with the clear intention of setting about the unlucky contestant before he can be removed from the set, making him decidedly a victim now - no longer a "contestant".
  • The now forgotten camera keeps rolling, faithfully recording it all. Someone nearby sounds like they are sobbing. There is a lot of jabbering in broken English and in Indian, and someone keeps shouting from nearby (maybe from behind the camera) - a repeated phrase in Indian, as though trying to control the situation.
  • But the situation is decidedly out of control. It looks and sounds like the stagethugs verbally abuse the victim and then get physical. Someone shouts "I'm going to f#cking get you!" and there are sounds like they physically beat the victim up and kick him. A couple of times he is thrown around like a rag doll and then he disappears in the mêlée - you can see that they are bending down so he is probably on the floor being kicked at that point. There is the odd grunt - maybe as a foot strikes home. The victim can be heard pleading - as though he is in tears now and crying at the unfairness of it all - "How can she slap? How can she slap me?" Eventually, after being allowed out of a headlock, he is picked up and propped up on both sides by a couple of stagethugs and shuffled off stage left.
My view:
If this vid clip is genuine and not a huge put-up job to boost advertising, then what it gives us is a frightening example of how thin is the veneer that covers the savagery of these nice Indian people. How could you invite someone to take part in a TV game show, and then set on him and beat the crap out of him whilst filming, just because he retaliated because he hadn't been prepared to take what was going to be dished out to him by the game show hostess? The mind boggles.
Presumably he would have been under the mistaken impression that it was "safe" to go on the show, but there can be no illusion about that ephemeral "safety" now.
I have written before (Confronting the unpleasant sight of what we are) about the Indian people - whose religious Hindu caste system has created an inferior caste called "untouchables" (Dalits) whose job it is to manually remove shit from sewage tanks. I asked in that post:
"What sort of society would avoid implementing proper sewage systems - when they obviously have the capability to build such systems - and thus oblige some of their citizens to manually remove shit from cesspits?"

What is also scary is how this clip has caused misogyny (hatred of women) to raise its ugly head. For example, on YouTube, an American Muslim commenter calling himself "fadedholysoldier" (he looks like he is of Middle-Eastern extraction, though his accent is American) says openly of this vid clip:
"That bitch got what she deserved."
Well, of course he is right  - any true Muslim knows that the Koran directs that women are categorically inferior to men and that they may be treated as property and should be beaten appropriately when they step out of line. The Koran is the word of Allah, and if Allah says it is OK, then it is unequivocally and indisputably correct.
But what I really don't get about this TV show is the incomprehensible contradiction of the Indian males. Their response was confusing . The victim/contestant got beaten up on stage and in full view of the forgotten camera, by Indian males who clearly did not like to see the game show hostess getting slapped about, regardless of the provocation. Yet these same Indian males - so protective of this female - at the same time apparently happily tolerate in their society a dehumanising caste system that denigrates and enslaves women and allows for some of the filthiest and most despicable crimes on the planet being committed against women - one good example is the acid attacks (per photo below) on Indian women, by male Indian misogynists. Apparently a lot of these are "honour crimes", you see, so it's "customary" and they are OK - aren't they? Well, of course they are (NOT).
Maybe I am missing something though, because I just can't quite see where the "honour" bit comes into it.

This stupid TV game show vid clip is merely more evidence - if such were needed - to indicate that the Indian people are overdue for seriously considering taking the responsibility for their own Reformation. That is, for their own Age of Enlightenment, and for educating themselves in the humanities and dragging their culture up by its own bootstraps out of barbarism and into modern civilisation. If they do not, then they will continue to wallow around in their own cultural, moral and actual excrement - as at present (QED).
An "acid bride".

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