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Splattergate - "No Pressure" shows the route to Greenie neo-fascism

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"You will be killed if you do not agree with us."

With apparently gobsmacking stupidy, 10:10 reveal themselves as the ultimate Neo-fascists of Greenie.
The "No Pressure" video: How to Cut Carbon Emissions

(WARNING - this is a pretty grim splatter video. If you cannot see this video, it is because 10:10 seem to have been belatedly trying to expunge the thing after it had gone viral. Just google it to find another posted copy.)

On realising that they had just shot themselves in the head, there is this belated and brain-dead apology which is not an apology.

As Brian Micklethwaite puts it:
"I am still absolutely dazed with amazement at the total, one hundred and eighty degree oppositeness of the message this video sends out to the message they were trying to send out."
Other comment in the blogosphere on this are to the effect that:
  • This is an appalling blunder which may be repeated, because Greenies cannot help it. The film was irrational, suggesting that when they made this film, the Greenies who made it were emoting, but with an emotion that seems to have been overwhelmingly negative. Thus, instead of being positive and inspiring passion, it inspired hate-filled blind rage, whose slogan is 'Smash everything'. This is not a good basis on which to make decisions. Furthermore, the rage is probably largely narcissistic. Each Greenie (and in fact, each Leftist in general) feels personally outraged by the attitude of The System towards them, which bolts onto their desire for destruction a profound lack of awareness.
  • The Greenies who made this film (being unaware of themselves because they are so consumed with their own magnificence) are unaware of other people (in whom they have no interest), and so they inevitably make massive miscalculations as to what is acceptable behaviour and how that behaviour will be perceived by others.
  • Psychologically, it's not a pretty picture, and so neither is that video.
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