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International "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" (20th May)

Since 20th May is the first international annual "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" ("Be there or be dhimmi"), I was going to draw a cartoon or something, but instead I have dug up a perfectly good cartoon representing Mohammed, drawn by an Israeli girl in 1997. Here it is:
Mohammed as a pig, standing on the Koran whilst he writes in it.

I got this cartoon from THE PIG AND THE PRINCESS.
Israeli girl Tatiana Soskin:
Drew the "illegal" cartoon of Mohammed as a pig.
The pig, of course was the depiction of Mohammed. The princess was Tatiana Soskin (pictured right).
Seems like this simple young Russian/Jewish girl living in Hebron in 1997 became, perhaps understandably, pissed off at the Arabs/Palestinians continually bombing and shooting into her home town. As a sign of protest, she drew a cartoon depicting Mohammed as a pig, standing on the Koran whilst he writes in it. This could seem like fair comment to most people.

It's not clear from the post in THE PIG AND THE PRINCESS as to what crime she was believed to have committed, but In 1998 she was apparently given 2 years' prison sentence for committing what the presiding judge considered to be some kind of racist act or atrocity akin to (wait for it) - what the Nazis did during the Holocaust. Amazing.

The mind boggles that the Jewish authorities and legislature could have been such dhimmis, but there we are - and bugger the principle of "freedom of speech", I suppose.

I must admit, until I read this, I had always thought the actions of the Israelis demonstrated them to be a pretty hard-headed and rational bunch, with a strong sense of moral integrity/justice, but this one - if true - has me at a complete loss. I wonder, under what circumstances could it be justifiable and make sense?

As for the annual international "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day", this cartoon from DayByDay Cartoons is priceless (click on the link if this copy below is too small to read):

A cutting, factual, and historically accurate
comment on Mohammed/Islamicism.
Cartoons, paintings - various depictions of Mohammed - have evidently been around for a l-o-n-g time, some of them even drawn by Muslims when it used to be not forbidden to create a likeness of Mohammed. Well, I suppose fashions change, even in Islamicism. You can see a huge collection of Mohammed likenesses here: Mohammed Image Archive (which shows "Depictions of Mohammed Throughout History").

There is a 15th-century fresco inside St. Petronio in Bologna. The fresco, painted by Giovanni da Modena, represents a scene from Dante Alighieri's Inferno, and depicts Muhammad in Hell being devoured by demons. It clearly shows what they thought of Mohammed.
If Mohammed is a true prophet of Allah, then how
did his soul manage to end up in Hell?
This does not look good for Mohammed's soul, nor his head.
Here's a close-up of the Mohammed bit: 

Let us not forget though that, despite Muslim jihadists ("terrorists") using airplanes loaded with living, breathing people as missiles in the 911 attacks, Islam has always been "The Religion of Peace"™.  (Yeah, right.)
Which is what this next couple of cartoons are about:
Mohammed, with a bomb as his turban
(promoting violence).
A fatwa (death order) was issued against the Danish cartoonist who drew this harmless cartoon commentary.
This cartoon is absolutely factual comment - as was the Pope, whose comments about Islamicism were factual, and historically accurate.

Are the Muslims violent? Well, in case you had missed the message of 911 and from ancient and recent history generally, perhaps we could get Ann Coulter (pictured below) to answer that:
Ann Coulter:
"All I see is Muslims killing people."
Maybe Ann has a point.

Signing off with a Mohammed smiley: (((:~{>
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