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Haere mai (that means "Welcome" in the Maori language). Here's hoping that you enjoy your visit to this blog.
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Video clips that amuse and make me laugh

I have been checking out some YouTube clips. These two are rather witty songs by The Richter Scales - a clever name for a singing group. See their blog. (Both of these preceding links seem to be having connection problems at the time of writing though.)
Check it:
If, however, you might like something more provocative, then you could do worse than check out some of the 30 (and counting) vid clips from this articulate and prolific YouTube user - an English guy called Pat Condell. He takes to task the Americans, the Muslims, the Christians, and more. He's a very witty iconoclast, and I think he displays some good critical thinking skills too. We could probably all learn from this guy to be a little more reflective regarding our own beliefs and bias.
Amongst my favourites are:
- and this one is very good, imho: A word to Islamofascists (look out all Islamofascists and white supremacists).
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