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Finding old friends/acquaintances (#1)

Whilst working at a client site, I was studying some of their documentation and I looked at the document properties for a MS Word document that I was reading. The author's name was the same name (Gilberto) as an old work contact I had communicated with - he lived in Brazil, I lived in NZ. But we had never met and I had lost contact with him since 1996. I had tried to find him since then, but had always drawn a blank. He wasn't on LinkedIn or RealContacts.

What little information I had on him was kept in my trusty InfoSelect database - a brilliant PIM that I have used since 1997 - which noted: "Was Brazilian EDS Healthcare consultant at MCS or AT Kearney. Made contact. He came to NZ in 1997 or so, with his wife, to do an MBA and possibly immigrate to NZ.". It would have been around that time that I went to SE Asia to live and work (on a contract) for a couple of years.

It turned out that he had worked at my client's in 2003. Looking up his name in the AK White Pages, I found his number. Bingo!

So I phoned the number, and it was him. He had apparently completed his MBA in Dunedin, returned to Brazil, and then came back to NZ in 2003. He's about to go overseas for a month to explore Ethiopia and Mali.

We are going to meet and have a catch-up before he goes overseas.
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