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To the left - Rihanna introduces VEVO to YouTube

There's a YouTube vid clip there with a girl (pictured, right) talking - "Rihanna introduces VEVO to YouTube".
Rihanna has a crick in her neck?
I think I have heard of her - I think she must be an American pop singer anyway, as she referred to "lyrics" and herself as "...artists like me".

Her appearance was distracting. Her face seemed to be covered in makeup, mascara and false eyelashes and she had a silly obscuring hat and these weird puffed-up shoulder pads on her jacket that made her look deformed. (Why do people do this to themselves?) Despite how she looks in the vid clip, I reckoned that she was probably quite attractive underneath it all and had normal shaped shoulders and nice hair under that hat. I have no idea what her singing voice might be like, but her speaking voice was clear and she enunciated her words clearly in English with an American accent.

I watched the clip twice without really listening too much to what she was saying, because there seemed to be something wrong with her, and my attention was distracted, focussed on watching her upper body movements.

Her movements were fascinating because she seemed to be afflicted by what appears to be a most unusual and distracting kind of involuntary nervous tic. She can't seem to keep her head still, and I don't think it's an affectation either (why would you affect that?). You know the jokes about how Italians seem to have to talk with their hands? Well, this girl looks as though she is trying to do that with her head. 

Several times her whole head abruptly shifted sideways to the left without leaving the horizontal plane - that is, she was not tilting her head this way or that. I have caught her in the photo above, frozen in the moment of one of those tics. It's a bit like the move that those Indian girl dancers do with their heads - except they do it in both directions, left and right, and of course it's deliberate with them. Watching her, it made me wince a bit. If she does not already have a dislocated neck, then this nervous tic could probably present quite a severe strain on the vertebrae in her neck and she might dislocate it one day soon. I know what agony that can be.

And then I wondered if - rather than it being a nervous tic - maybe she had early onset Parkinson's disease or something. The odd thing though was that throughout the entire vid clip, her whole head kept doing this shifting move sideways to the left - never to the right. Maybe she's trying to tell us that she's a Socialist? I reckon she should see a chiropractor. That could put her Right.
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