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I visited the Sistene Chapel

Today I went and had a quick tour around the Sistene Chapel. I took this picture:

OK, it's not really a photo - it's actually a screenshot from a "virtual tour", via here.

What a beautiful thing to publish on the Internet! However, be warned - you might need to take care if you get dizzy easily. I rapidly got motion sickness by turning the viewpoint around whilst playing and looking at this.
About using this virtual tour:

  • You can navigate and "move" your view around the chapel in various ways:
    • (a) Clicking on the displayed bar of arrow keys; the + and - keys zoom in and out; the right hand side end button enlarges the image to full screen; the Esc key gets out of "Fullscreen" mode.
    • (b) Double-clicking and dragging the view with your mouse; go slowly with the mouse - the computer may take a while to keep up with your commands, depending on your connect speed - it seems to work by downloading Flash view files/frames to your computer.
    • (c) Using of the cursor keys, and the Shift and Ctrl keys; experiment by using them in combination with each other.
  • You can see 360 degrees around, together with an variable vertical view.
  • Go up and down and all around.
  • Look into the various alcoves and aisles.
  • Don't forget to look at the ceiling!
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