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My second Trek SL1000bicycle!

I recently bought a second Trek SL1000 with a 58cm frame (see picture to right) - I bought it second-hand via TradeMe for NZ$650. This 2nd one has a blue/white finish, whereas my 1st one is black/white.

The reason for getting the secod one is that I can now have one bike in Wellington (where I am working at present) and one in Auckland (my home base).
So I can keep my fitness/fatness levels in relatively healthy shape, regardless of which city I happen to be in.

When the Trek SL1000 came out in 2005/6(?), it cost about £500 in the UK. In NZ, I bought my first one new for my birthday in October 2007, at a discounted net cost of NZ$875. My son sean chipped in $200 (as it was my birthday). That net cost was arrived at after a discount from the list price of NZ$1,200, NZ$20 off in part exchange for my old, heavy 14-speed road bike, plus extra handbrake grips on the top part of the handlebars (a great safety addition - makes it easier to brake when riding upright), plus GST (a 12.5% Goods and Services Tax).

Yesterday, I rode this bike along this route for the first time: "Wellington round the bays to the airport" ride - mapped at Gmap-pedometer. Compared to the "Auckland round the bays" route that I like to do, this one is not so scenic really, longer, and much steeper (Oh! Those Wellington hills!) on the final part of the return leg.

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