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Open Season

I do not like angry, pissed-off, violent, hard or pure noise music - typically "metal" or "heavy metal" stuff, for example, like Metallica, or Motorhead (except as a joke, as in the track "Killed by Death") - and I really detest rap (especially gangsta rap).
However, I have to give a thumbs-up (respect!) to the group Stuck Mojo, and their album, "Southern Born Killers" - in particular a vid track called "Open Season" (lyrics). I have seen that track described as a kind of nu-metal rap piece of music, and it also seems to have gangsta overtones. As such, I really shouldn't like it at all, and, as music, I reckon it stinks, but I find I do like it nontheless because:
(a) It would have to be one of the most intelligent pieces of prose put to music/rap that I have ever come across.
(b) It seems to be a real in-your-face voice of the times - potentially offensive to some (tough luck), and probably controversial, but also something which could well resonate with millions of the silent majority around the world today who may be getting increasingly pissed off with being told how to lead their lives and think, by fascists.
The fact that this piece of music has come out of America and not some other part of the Western world has surprised me - you see, I thought the US had gone soft. Now I wonder if this track mightn't indicate that our transatlantic cousins are made of culturally and morally sterner stuff than the rest of us - except maybe the Danish and the Dutch.
"If you step in my hood,
It's understood,
It's open season."
This stuff is absolutely classic. It is sooo good that I wouldn't be surprised if it were subsequently revealed that the American secret services have been taking lessons from the British secret services in market communications and propaganda. Either way, it could mark the beginnings of a genuine societal backlash to the imposition of ideological conformism and fascism in America. Time will tell.
Check out Stuck Mojo's track "Open Season" here.
Check out Stuck Mojo's related track "I'm American" here.
Peace, bro.
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1 comment:

  1. I whole heartedly agree.
    I'm your run of the mill classical music fan and am surprised at how much I like this song.
    It should be our theme son g for the fight against "islamization".