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Haere mai (that means "Welcome" in the Maori language). Here's hoping that you enjoy your visit to this blog.
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Revamp of this blog

Google have added some nifty new Blogspot features that I can only enable if I update the blog's template to make them available. I have done this, and the change is non-intrusive - i.e., it has not made much visible change to the layout/design.

To make use of some of the new features, I have added links onto the right-hand side of the page to:
Both are hosted on Google's Picasa. I could get them to show as a slideshow in the right-hand side of the page, if they were "public" albums, but they aren't. I shall consider making them public though, after playing around with the feature. [Have since made them public so they now appear as a mini slideshow in the right-hand side of the page.]

If you were wondering where a lot (most) of the previous entries (posts) have gone, well they have been deleted. They were all photos of Lily. Those photos can now be seen in the Just Lily photo album.

I'm not being paid to say this, but, speaking as an ex code-hacker who used to code in the ICL "assembler" or low-level programming language, Plan IV, and who appreciates well thought-out systems development, the evidence of thinking, planning and brains behind these Google services is pretty impressive. It is probably all-too-easily taken for granted by the technologically uninitiated. Hats off to Google. Not a bad result.
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  1. So glad you have started updating your site again. Gorgeous photies, keep 'em coming pleez.